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D.H. Th. Vollenhoven (1892-1978)




The triunity of life: on the unity of the Vollenhovian project by Eric J. Kamphof

Eric's Masters ICS thesis on Vollenhoven is available in a 183 page 1.1 Mb pdf.

The thesis explores whether Vollenhoven’s logic and epistemology might provide a fruitful perspective from which to view the unity of Vollenhoven’s systematic and historical work.  But the thesis moves beyond Vollenhoven in taking a number of independent positions on the relationship between normative and structural law, between the law of the Spirit and positive law, and on the nature of the thus-so and the genetic determinations. (From Vollenhoven Newsletter No 2)

Vollenhoven on-line resources

On Andrew Basden's Dooyeweerd pages:

Vollenhoven on God and cosmos

Vollenhoven’s foundations of Calvinist thought

Monism and dualism

Scripture use and philosophy

Glenn Friesen's site  (Vollenhoven studies)

  1. Divergentierapport I [Report of Divergences I], written in 1953.
Problemen van de tijd in onze kring [Problems about time in our group], a lecture given in 1968.
De Problemen rondom de tijd [Problems about time], lectures given in 1963.

Other sources

Vollenhoven foundation newsletter No 1 

Vollenhoven foundation newsletter No 2

Vollenhoven's Isagoge Philosophiae Revisited, his spatial model revised by Arie Dirkzwager

John Kok Vollenhoven and scriptural philosophy

Kok on Vollenhoven

Dr. John Kok, Dean of the Humanities at Dordt College, talks about D.H. Vollenhoven in a three part interview here, here, and here (Real Media).

(HT Macht)

Books and articles  on Vollenhoven


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pdf file (requires Acrobat reader available here)   word document

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pdf file and html versions available here     Word document available here

Recent publications

D.H.Th. Vollenhoven. The Problem-Historical Method and the History of
ed. Kornelis Bril. Dordt College Press, early 2005


Available from:

Dordt College                     Dordt College


Kornelis Bril.  Vollenhoven's Problem-Historical Method: Introduction
and Explorations,
Dordt College Press, early 2005

 D.H.Th. Vollenhoven. Isogoge Philosophia/Introduction to
 Philosophy--A Parallel Dutch/English text,
Dordt College Press, late 2005.

John H Kok (ed.) . Forthcoming A Vollenhoven Reader, Dordt College Press: Dordt.
Provisional contents

Foreword                 (Calvin Seerveld)

1.   Reforming Philosophy
      Introduction 1
      Calvinism and the Reformation of Philosophy          
2.   Believing Faith
      Faith: Its Nature, Structure, and Significance for Science
3.   Social Spheres and Law Spheres
      Sphere Sovereignty for Kuyper and for Us                         
4.   Discerning Laws and Pitfalls
      Norm and Law of Nature                                                     
5.   Using and Abusing Scripture
      Scripture Use and Philosophy                                           
6.   Differing with Dooyeweerd
      Divergences: Report I                                                        
7.   Traces of the Trinity
      The Unity of Life                                                                  
8.   Introducing Philosophy
      Introduction to Philosophy                                                  

(c) Al Wolters. 1979. from On Vollenhoven's problem-historical method.  In Hearing and Doing: Philosophical Essays Dedicated to H. Evan Runner. John Kraay and Anthony Tol (eds).  Wedge: Toronto.

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